Research throughout Europe has shown that coaches today are the fastest and most eco-friendly means of transport available.

If we compare coaches, trains and cars; for an average journey of 100 km the user of a modern coach uses 0.9 litres of oil, while a train user uses up to 2.6 litres, and the car user uses three times more.

So, by travelling as a group in a bus we can also help save the environment.

Through our company commitment to development, innovation, environmental awareness and customer safety, we guarantee modern and efficient vehicles.

The Ricci Autonoleggi coaches (and cars) were all recently manufactured and are equipped with modern engines, which guarantee high standards of clean emissions, and comply with EURO 4 and EURO 5 standards.

All this translates into a direct advantage for our customers, as using a low emission coach means savings in terms of bus tickets and on several European toll roads (not on motorways).