Since a satisfied customer is for us the best business card we can offer; we seek to ensure that everything, not only the quality of the vehicle, is done safely and reliably.

RICCI AUTONOLEGGI adopts and complies with current EU regulations on driving and rest periods for drivers, as established in the EC 561/2006 regulation.
In compliance with said regulation, during some particularly long-distance or lengthy journeys we will use two drivers per coach.
So you can be sure that that the driver on your bus will always be fresh and well rested.



We are meticulous about the cleanliness and the efficiency of our vehicles!
Firstly, company vehicles are regularly replaced - this ensures that all cars and coaches are modern and are built using the latest techniques.

We only buy our vehicles from authorised dealers approved by the original manufacturers (Mercedes-Benz, Setra, Bova, VW group): this way, the quality and authenticity of the make are assured.

Finally, the high level of professionalism we require in the maintenance of the vehicles means that they are repaired and serviced only by official and authorised repair shops every time it is necessary, or when the electronic diagnostic systems so require.

But our greatest obsession is the attention given to the condition of the vehicles and to their cleaning - they are only used when clean, neat, and tidy. And we have to thank the skills and the devotion of our drivers for this, because they are efficient even when cleaning - in our large garage, equipped with a vehicle washing and vacuuming system, we carry out cleaning and hygiene-related activities daily (and on an ad-hoc basis).

For even greater safety, RICCI AUTONOLEGGI vehicles have all been recently registered, and the coaches and cars are all equipped with safety belts on each seat - we would remind clients that the new Highway Code requires the use of these systems, whenever present.



Driving time break
A. at least 45 minutes after 4.5 hours of driving
B. a 15 minute break is allowed, if followed by another 30 minute break

Daily driving time
A. 9 hours maximum
B. it can be extended to 10 hours at most, twice a week

Weekly driving time
A. 56 hours maximum per week
B. 90 hours maximum (over two consecutive weeks)

Daily rest periods
A. 11 hours minimum
B. it can be divided into 2 periods. In this case, there must be at least 12 resting hours. It can be divided into 3 and then 9 hours.
C. there can be 3 reduced daily rest periods between 2 weekly rest periods. Compensation is not required anymore!
D. in case of a journey with more than one driver, at least 9 hours every 30 hours

Weekly rest periods
A. 45 hours minimum, including a daily rest period
B. there can be a reduction to 24 hours, but the following must be met within 2 weeks:
a) 2 45-hour rest periods, or
b) 1 45-hour rest period with, additionally, a rest period of at least 24 hours (a compensatory rest period must be taken within 3 weeks)
C. the weekly rest period must be planned after six 24-hour periods (no exceptions are permitted!)